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If a size is not available, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Via the site chat,email OrInstagram.

⚠️ Be careful to read the text of the images carefully to check compatibility with your skates!

Weight of a truck: 137g


The Chaya Pro Park Truck is a high quality truck designed specifically for park and street skating, and can be used with your favorite CHAYA park skates offering great durability, agile turns and gentle grinds.


The Chaya Pro Park Truck is made from the highest quality forged aluminum, including durable CroMo steel axles.

The 2.8"/72mm wide handlebars (mid section) provide agile turning and maneuverability on bowls and ramps, while the unique offset handlebar design adds extra protection to the kingpins and increases durability while clearing the kingpin.With an overall width of 138mm, the Chaya Pro Park Truck helps lock in tricks and allows for technical grinds.


Designed and tested by Ragnaroll and the Chaya Pro team.

Wide trucks - Chaya

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