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If a size is not available, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Via the site chat,email OrInstagram.

Gumball® pads provide the ultimate stopping power, giving you the best control for your skating.


Different surfaces? No problem. Gumball Bumpers feature a proprietary rubber blend and classic Gumball shape, making them perfect for indoor, outdoor, roller rinks, skate parks, concrete, wood, sports tiles and masonry.

Available in a range of fun colors and different hardnesses, there's a Gumball pad for every skater.


Gumball Stamp Features:

  • For all types of skating
  • Proprietary rubber blend makes the stopper ideal for all surfaces
  • Large, flat, durable stopping surface
  • Long stem


Two hardnesses available:

  • 75A – For better control
  • 83A – Best Wear Properties for Outdoor and Park Skaters

Gumball stamps

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