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Dog DaysMagazine 9 – Yearbook 2024


Hello DogDays Yearbook 2024! Six years and nine publications later and we're still here. It’s (almost) the same procedure as usual. Like every year, we take you on a world tour. We met skate teams from different continents (Berlin, New Jersey, Singapore and Colombia), because love of teams is true love. We spoke with veteran Simon Tiller about the history of green in the UK and Slovenian top performer Katja Djukič, who has just joined the Riedell team. Austin-based skater Ashley Galvan talks about her travels around the world and the benefits of morning routines, while Nemo DeBevoise provides insight into what it means to be a part of Lazo. Including a poster of newly crowned Australian/NZ MVP Keeks to hang above your bed!


With their unrivaled expertise, our authors explore the roots of trick names (controversial) and the intriguing evolution from quad to inline skating (revealing) and why so many skaters made the transition in the 1990s. If you're wondering why some people seem to progress quickly and others don't: we explain the factors that influence how "good" they are of a person in a sport.


Also: Photos from RollerCon, Manuela Calle talks about moving from Colombia to Brazil and building community and Lucinda Harstrick shows off her beautiful Chicago photo project.


The DogDays Magazine Yearbook 2024 is a high-quality printed product, in full magazine format, printed by a local printer in Germany. Everything is done for quad riders by quad riders. We hope you will also like to support this idea.


Dogdays Magazine - 2024 Edition

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