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If a size is not available, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Via the site chat,email OrInstagram.

The Street Suede boots are a model for street and jam enthusiasts!

Very flexible upper in supple and breathable leather (thickness 1.4 mm), leather lining, soft ankle padding which offers both support and protection of the ankle.

The ankle padding also prevents wrinkles in the ankle area.

These boots are designed for everyday use, so the soft padding (tongue and shoe) and leather lining make them very breathable and comfortable.


  •   More than 90% natural materials sourced in Europe!
  •   Leather upper, leather lining, leather soles, wooden heel
  •   Sizes: EU 36-42
  •   Colors: ocean, bluejeans, turquoise, summer sky, purple, orange, black, gray, redwood, beige, sea green, rose quartz, flamingo, mango, grape
  •   Width: comfort width C
  •   Packaged with 100% recycled, unbleached materials.


IN COMING: complete assembly with Sunlite or Nylon plates.


Wifa is a Hungarian brand which originally manufactured skates for ice skating. Their boots are very comfortable and are made in Europe... It's a good alternative to Moxi!

There are 3 categories: 

-Street Suede : to start skating, roller dancing, city walks and starting the skate park. They are equivalent (or even better reinforced) to the Moxi Lolly.

-Street Deluxe : the range above Suede, with thicker leather (2.2mm compared to 1.7mm for Suede). It is perfect for dancing, walks and more intensive skate parks.

- Street Xtreme : the boots that offer optimal support for hardcore skate park practice! 


Do you want another range? Write me !

WIFA Street Suede Boots

  • If you want more information, check the Wifa FAQ:HERE

  • How to measure your feet:here

    What size to choose:here


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